FMNC Chairman’s Reports


July/August 2018 Report

Hi everyone,

As we approach the tail end of another season I feel that it is an opportune time to reflect on the past 2 years at Football Mid North Coast.

This is by no means a “brag sheet” but a factual update and information sharing exercise and certainly not all of my personal activities and achievements but a collaborative between myself, the board, Bruce Potter our General Manager and all his administration and technical personnel.,

This season we have a record number of registered players and match officials totalling over 6,800!

This does not include all the managers, coaches, committee persons and volunteers from all our clubs and high performance programs.

Our game continues to outnumber the other football codes in our region by 5 and 6 to 1 yet we find ourselves without a home stadium and with grossly under resourced facilities and infrastructure for the most part across our entire region.

To that aim I am in constant contact with our local councils, state members of parliament, federal members and the media and all interested parties to improve this situation on behalf of our stakeholders.

We urgently need women’s change room facilities, better security lighting for our car parks and lighting for our fields to meet the minimum requirements and better. Improved drainage and soil management to name but a few of our priorities.

Having said that we are nurturing good and improved relationships with our local councils, councillors and staff and recently achieved unanimous support from Port Macquarie Hastings Council for a new home of high performance football at Sovereign Hills.

Including at his stage $300,000 in funding from council for planning at Sovereign Hills and we currently have a grant application in to secure funding for the entire project… fingers crossed!

Speaking of grants many of our clubs have indeed been successful with various applications. Please be aware that the office can assist clubs with the grant process and also contribute towards the funding of professional grant submissions through our relationship with professionals in this field.

We continue to “fight the good fight” for equity for our players and supporters in terms of field quality and improved infrastructure across our zone.

Among our improved commitment to Football some of the achievements and on going projects include;

The establishment of 5 year plan for FMNC with emphasis and funding for Player Growth, Coaching resources, Referees and Infrastructure planning.

A successful restructure of FMNC Referees in terms of appointments and administration.

Increased Referee numbers for 2018, increased numbers of Referee assessors and trainers improving not only our numbers but also the quality of the referees performances and ongoing support to retain and lessen the churn rate.

To that aim we have instigated an effective program of assessments for zone referees with focus on mentoring junior officials.

We are mindful of our partnerships with our member clubs and have embarked on many and improved coaching clinics and coaching courses.

We have funded several hundred community-coaching courses.

We have also provided 50% scholarship for 20 x senior C licence Coaches and will continue to assist any of our coaches that wish to gain higher accreditation and skills.

We have restructured our Judicial Process to give more transparency and allow fair and equitable and more prudent application to our appeals and outcomes.

An extremely successful initiative was the introduction of our joint Northern and Southern areas seminars held at the start of our season. Implementing training and information in one place at one time and ensuring that all our clubs see themselves as equal partners and not isolated by region or location.

2017 saw the successful re launch of our zone championships playing for bragging rights as champions from across our entire Zone.

2017 also saw the successful introduction of FMNC Awards night.
Which I hope is supported to an even greater extent at the end of this season as we get together to celebrate our efforts and achievements and share stories real or exaggerated!

We established outstanding support and rapport with the Newcastle Jets Football Club, culminating in multiple visits by club players, coaches and Administrators.

This support is integral to growing our game and obtaining support from the local community for enhanced infrastructure and promoting the values and benefits of our sport in general.

As a result of this collaboration and relationship we established the first regional Jets training hub for aspiring players that may be seeking a career path.

Also establishing the FMNC Academy for underpinning players.

Over 4,000 people attended the 2017 Newcastle Jets v FMNC Premier league select sides match and over 4,200 people attended the corresponding match held just recently.

Once again highlighting the support of our community given adequate venues and resources and demonstrating their love of round ball Football on the whole.

This recent visit saw the Jets attend junior clinics at various venues attracting over 450 players over the course of 3 days.

We will continue to build on this relationship moving forward.

We still have much to do and much to achieve, supporting all our clubs and stakeholders on a daily basis throughout the season and beyond.

Our aim is to grow the support and foster increased participation for girls and women in our sport.

Our continued challenges are to enhance our high performance programs and for me especially never forgetting that most of our players play “park football” with their mates.

To that aim we continue to provide better conditions, coaching and match officials so that their skill base and the support is such that they enjoy the benefits of our game across all levels of ability and be inclusive for all.

In closing and on that note…

As I write this Chairman’s report we are embarking on a special project for special needs, boys and girls. In collaboration with Matty Zarb and his son Marlie. Matty has championed the quest to provide Football and an experience for these beautiful children and we are proud and humbled to be able to provide administrative processes to get this project up and running and to assist the take up and ongoing viability of this incredibly inspiring concept.

We love our community, we love our Football!

I look forward to seeing you all out and around the grounds as the season draws to a close and I hope that we have in some small way played a role in your enjoyment of the year so far and continuing that love of our brand of Football for years to come.

Kindest regards,


Mike Parsons
Chairman Football Mid North Coast


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