FMNC Chairman’s Reports


FMNC 2017 Chairman’s Report

Firstly, let me say what an honour and privilege it has been to have been your Chairman for another year.

I believe my Board, indeed your Board, and the administration led by Bruce Potter has acted in the best interest of the game with the aim of improving the football experience for all.

We have increased spending dramatically on all levels of coaching not only our players but also our officials and all coaching staff across the vast Footprint that is Football Mid North Coast.

We have invested funds in the promotion of our game and the infrastructure as well as having set up a grants based committee led by director Jason Ryan and an infrastructure needs based department led by Director David Lee also playing a major role.

We have had an extremely successful High Performance season and my special thanks to Kathie Bestwick as she chooses to move on to a more family friendly life as a wife, mother and grandmother.

Kathie was named FFA Australia’s Female Volunteer of the year and this is a memory that we will all hold close as we move forward to another phase in our development and leadership.

Across the length and breadth of our competition zones we held successful Aldi’s Mini Roos and an outstandingly successful Junior competitive season for all our boys and girls.

Our senior competitions where well received and as was our over 35’s which continues to grow as we grow older!

Introducing Walking Football is the next stage to explore new horizons and entice older participants back into the game they love as players and volunteers.

We continue our push for increased and improved facilities, infrastructure and playing fields, working with local, state and federal governments to recognize the size and diversity of our playing base and our unique needs as the largest participation sport in the region.

With increasing night competitions, better lighting is essential not only on the fields but our car parks and access pathways for the overall safety of our players, especially for our children and women.

We continually investigate, on your behalf, any available grants for our association and will assist your club with your own submissions.

Bruce, Justin, David Lee and I attended the National Sports Conference (Football) in Melbourne earlier this year, gaining many valuable lessons and insights as well as finding us already ahead of many Zones and groups involved in our game on many administrative levels.

Perhaps the most pleasing finding was that we are on the right path as we continually look for ways to deliver more streamlined and less cumbersome reporting and communication -methods as well as improved over all areas of delivering competitions and coaching and recruiting officials etc.

My vision is to maximize participation for all.

This means focusing our energy to a greater extent than ever before on Women’s Football and to that end having women friendly changing facilities and amenities buildings and toilet areas of modern standards for all.

Women in our sport as demonstrated by the success of the Matildas. The continued growth and presence of the W- League, as well as our own Women’s Premier League are a vital and important part in the future growth and development of our game.

We need to recruit more female Referee’s, coaches and administrators to achieve a sustainable balance and identify those requirements specific to Women and Girls in our sport.

Our Premier League competition has enjoyed a great season and was overall a great advertisement for our game. This board and administration look to the future and will hold the Premier League accountable as the pinnacle of our Football competitions.

The board and administration will continue to support and encourage all the clubs to maintain standards, improve and promote the game as we head in to a relegation season in 2018.

Our Zone Championships where an overwhelming success and we look forward to next seasons winners going on to participate in the new initiative of State Champions of Champions.

The visit from the Newcastle Jets was beyond expectations not only in terms of the school visits and clinics but the media coverage and the ultimate main event with over 4,000 attending the Stadium and a golden opportunity for our two representative teams from the Premier league to play in a match of immense proportions and I am sure this is a night that they nor their coaching staff and associated personnel will forget.

Our awards, dinner entertainment night…… I am sure that you will all agree was an outstanding evening and well received. Simon Hill was a fabulous addition as our special guest and the entertainment and food and conversations and company all first class! I encourage all clubs to have a table next year.

As always, my sincere thanks to Bruce, Amanda and Larry and the addition of Justin in the office in the back half of our season. You guys are the engine room to our entire organization and you have all done a remarkable job in your various roles.

Appreciation does not adequately sum up how I feel about the office staff and my fellow board members.

To my fellow board members;
You all come from diverse backgrounds and have various interests in the game but come together in a collaboration of goodwill and the best interests of the game at heart.

We have had robust and open discussions and the planning and results and vision for the future of our sport has been in capable hands over the past 12 months.

Congratulations to director Paul Sandilands for his recent life membership awarded at our Zone function and I am sure you will recognize his long and diverse CV in local Football at all levels and his involvement since the inception of FMNC as the only remaining original board member from the time of amalgamation.

To all my other fellow board members Mark Woodward, Michael Wallace, Dan Lynch, Jonathon Newman, Tony Hill, Jason Ryan and David Lee. You all have my respect, appreciation and friendship.

In closing let me add my personal thanks to the Football community at large.

To all of your club’s sponsors and those of FMNC and High Performance Football for without these committed sponsors our funding and support base would be far less and in turn more difficult to run our organizations.

But most of all my thanks go out to everyone in club land. Players, coaches, managers, administrators, volunteers. You are the backbone and heart and soul of Football.

You are the people who get out of bed early, stay out late, make the mercy dashes for last minute equipment or bread rolls, ferry players to and from matches and training and so much more.

You selflessly give of your time in all the various voluntary roles from coaching to administration to cutting up the oranges. Without you we have nothing.

Thank you for everything you do and plan to continue to do. I hope you all have a bit of a break in the off-season (if that is possible) and enjoy the forthcoming holiday and Christmas season.

Yours in Football,


Mike Parsons
Chairman Football Mid North Coast


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