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To coach football in season 2018, you will need to register online with a club. Instructions on how to do so are below.

Click Here to Register Online

Select the appropriate option:
• Proceed to login pages (if you have played before and have a FFA Number)
• Find your FFA Number (if you cannot remember your FFA Number)
• Create an FFA account (if you have never played/officiated before)

Start your registration:
• Once logged in, select “Register”
• Update all contact details as this is how you will be contacted
• Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen
• Step 1. Enter “Your Club Name”
• Step 2. Select the Registration role as: “Coach”
• Step 3. Select the correct Registration Package that applies
• Step 4. Click “Add Packages”
• Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen
• Read and acknowledge Terms and Conditions by ticking the box, then click “Next”
• Select “Pay Online” on the payment page
• Answer the questions on the final page and click the “Save All Answers” button

Your Coaching Qualification History – view your current qualifications and previous courses attended.

Find a Coaching Course – find the relevant coaching course that you are looking to attend.

The below courses are ones that are being held within the FMNC zone. The information includes links to the registration page for each course.


NNSWF Coach Headquarters – Coaching tips, courses, resources and much more. Check it out!

Newcastle Permanent Skill of the Week Videos – A fantastic coaching tool with numerous coaching videos complete with session plan.

Community Coaching
Coaches have more influence over the enjoyment of participants than any other person in the game. This is particularly so for participants at the start of the journey; young boys and girls.

Coaches have the unique opportunity and responsibility to nurture children’s psychological growth and development. Football is a way for children to develop health and well-being, a positive self-image, sporting skills and life skills, such as socialisation and group behaviour. The same is true throughout the lifelong participation pathway. At every age group, a coach who provides a positive environment will have happy players.

In 2013, FFA conducted a research project with over 8,300 football participants to gain a better understanding of how to improve each player’s experience. The research showed the major factor in getting participants more likely to play football was by improving the standard and availability of coaches:

• Coaching was the number 1 influence on a player’s experience.
• Improving the quality of coaches was the number 1 suggestion by players for improving their experience.
• Coaching was also the number 1 factor to bring lapsed players back into the game & poor quality coaching is the number one reason why kids are leaving the sport.

Coaching Resources

National Curriculum
FFA Coaching Resource
Football For Kids ebook
Discovery Phase Session Plan Template
MiniRoos Playing Formats and Rules
Discovery Phase Model Sessions (U6-9)
Skill Acquisition Phase Model Sessions (U10-13)
Game Training Phase Model Sessions (U13-17)
Performance Phase Model Sessions (17+)
Newcastle Permanent Skill of the Week
Skill Training Certificate Participant Manual
Game Training Certificate Participant Manual

Click on the below links for relevant information.

• FMNC Competition Rules (document to be uploaded)
• 2018 FMNC Fixtures (link to be added)
• 2018 Season Calendar (link to be added)
• FMNC Playing Times & Ball Sizes (document to be uploaded)
• Abandoned Matches (document to be uploaded)

Finals Series Procedures

Click on the below links for relevant policies and procedures.

Online Laws of the Game
NNSWF Hot Weather Policy
NNSWF Sun Protection Policy
NNSWF Lightning Policy
Plaster Casts and Rigid Supports
Goalpost Safety
FFA Concussion Guidelines


FFA National_Code_of_Conduct
(pdf file, 60kb)

(pdf file, 42kb)

(pdf file, 849kb)

(pdf file, 421kb)

(pdf file, 125kb)

For all Insurance information, click here – Northern NSW Football Risk Protection Programme.

ALDI MiniRoos


U6-U11 Players

> ALDI MiniRoos

> ALDI MiniRoos Kick-Off

> ALDI MiniRoos Kick-Off for Girls

> ALDI MiniRoos Football Festival


Online Nomination Form – Nominations can be submitted by completing the form at the bottom of this link.

Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) is pleased to continue the Newcastle Permanent Community Coach Recognition Program in 2017.

Football enriches character, intelligence, coordination and skill and all season long, one brave man or woman steps up to the plate and takes on the task of helping our young athletes reach their potential: the Coach.

The Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the Month Award is awarded monthly from March to August to a coach that makes a significant contribution to their team, club and/or community.

This is not aimed at results or winning, but a coach who provides a positive experience for all involved.

Each month, one registered coach from each of NNSWF’s seven Member Zones will be awarded the Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the Month award. Each winner will receive a Newcastle Permanent Community Coaching kit consisting of 6 balls, 20 markers, 10 bibs and a whistle, as well as a polo shirt and cap. Their contribution to football will also be recognised on the NNSWF website network and social media platforms.

From the pool of winners, each Zone will nominate one community coach to represent their Zone for the opportunity to be named “Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the Year” announced at NNSWF annual awards night. This winner will receive an award plus a $250 First Touch Gift Voucher.

Your coaches can be nominated for any number of reasons:

• Providing a safe & enjoyable experience for their players & parents
• Goes out of their way to engage in all aspects of the club, not just their team
• Provides an opportunity for a disabled player to be part of their team
• Provides strong leadership & dedication to the team & club
• Has a high work ethic & encourages fair play – could be overall or one particular positive occurrence
• Always has a good relationship the match officials

Clubs can nominate their coaches by completing the form at the above link.

All FMNC Coaches who use Facebook are encouraged to “like” the FMNC Facebook Page.

Information is regularly posted on this page. It is advised to also “follow” the page and/or select see all posts first in your news feed to avoid missing any information.

Social Media Sites
Coaches using social media sites (especially Facebook and Twitter) need to be conscious of the dangers and ramifications of acting inappropriately online.

It is very important for all individuals to remember –

For all information about FMNC, see the About FMNC page.

For more information on coaching Representative Football, see the High Performance Squads page.