Monthly update from the Chairman’s Desk


From the Chairman’s desk April 2017


Hi to all of you in our extended Football Family!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the season to start for our local competitions.

To see the joy and excitement from all those new under 6’s as they take up our sport for the very first time to those of us that  have been around for what seems and is a “lifetime” of involvement, it is a special time indeed.

To all the club volunteers and our own office staff that have contributed to the planning and successful launch of season 2017 a massive thank you!

As I write this report Larisa and Amanda have been hard at work putting together the various competition draws which is a massive and somewhat complicated and intense process so on behalf of all of you I pass on my personal thanks for the efforts required to put our boys and girls and men and women on the park each week.

Our Referee restructure is going to plan and we hope to have a much better structure of education, recruitment and retention moving forward so again my thanks to all involved in this much needed revision of the way we operate and support our officials.

The NPL and WPL High performance competitions have already commenced and despite some wet weather set backs are on track for a good season and ably supported by the high performance committee and associated personnel.

Special mention must go to Kathie Bestwick who has recently been named Female Administrator of the year by Football Federation Australia!

Yes this is a national award and well deserved and not only an accolade and recognition of the fine work that Kathie does but also to those family, friends and other volunteers that support her efforts and have done for many years.

Football Mid North Coast through the efforts of Kathie is now not only recognized in Northern NSW but the whole of Football in Australia and this is an award that is not only well deserved but also demonstrates the quality of infrastructure that is being developed throughout our zone.

At the time of writing this report we have over 6,000 registered players and hoping to gain a bit more traction as the season commences so please chase up any outstanding player applications you may still be waiting on if you are involved in recruitment at your clubs.

A reminder to all clubs to save the date…. September 30th

I can’t wait as we plan to hold our first ever Gala End of Season Dinner and Awards night for all clubs in the entire Zone. This promises to be a massive evening with top class entertainment and fine dining and a chance to share some stories and meet up with one another as we wrap up what hopefully will have been one of our best seasons ever!

Please make sure you avoid holding any of your own clubs presentations or events on that evening so that all clubs can be represented.

We will be giving 4 FREE tickets to each club and selling tickets at a responsible price in order to make this first ever Dinner and Awards night a huge success and something for everyone to look forward to each year.

The Board, Bruce Potter and our team in the office and I, continue to work on your behalf to secure better infrastructure, facilities and funding across our Zone and if your club has any needs or requires assistance please feel free to contract Bruce in the office and we can arrange to meet with your club to give you support and guidance to those aims.

The board has also accepted a recommendation to cap our Premier League competition to 8 teams from 2019 in order to stabilize and strengthen our top level and deliver a healthy and vibrant promotion relegation structure.

We continue to build on our relationship with the media and promote our game to the wider community and if you have any newsworthy items or events taking place please notify the office ahead of time so that we can get this information out on your behalf.

As we approach Easter and the Holiday break my wish is for all of you is to be safe on the roads and be kind to one another whatever your beliefs or nationality or backgrounds.

We are indeed linked by one common thread and that is our love of our family and the love of our brand of Football. This can only be a recipe for goodwill and harmony.

So until next month that’s it from me.

See you out and around the grounds.


Best Wishes,



Mike Parsons
Chairman Football Mid North Coast