Monthly update from the Chairman’s Desk


August 2017

I am writing this month’s update on the morning after what has been an overwhelmingly successful visit by the Newcastle Jets to our Region.

My special thanks to the entire Football community for supporting the after school clinic in Taree which was over subscribed in the first few hours of going online with over 300 children attending. Taree Wildcats hosted this event on our behalf and did
an outstanding job!

The Breakfast meeting and Q and A was a massive success, attended by Hastings newly elected mayor Peta Pinson and 70 others early risers, as was the numerous school visits throughout the rest of the day.

Despite a last minute “panic button” thrown at us by FFA as to the quality of the lighting in Port Regional Stadium and their refusal to sanction the match just a day out unless we improved the lux reading to their minimum standards.

The staff of FMNC went in to overdrive and we secured additional portable lighting at the 11th hour and the rest is history.

The Hastings Council was supportive in setting up the ground for our game between the Northern and Southern Representative sides from our Premier league and the Newcastle Jets.

The ground staff presented a pitch more than suitable for this A league fixture despite having had numerous Rugby league matches played on it only days before.

My special thanks to all at the Hastings Council for going above and beyond to assist us to make this match possible.

The ultimate success of this match and the over 4,000 people that attended from all over our vast Zone on a mid week school and work night in the middle of Winter should send out a clear message of the popularity and support our game has across
not only the World and Australia but here on the Mid North Coast. It also demonstrates that we need improved infrastructure and equity of usage of Stadiums across the length and breadth of all of our combined local government areas.

The fact that Lawrie McKinna the CEO of the Jets is on record as saying he will bring an FFA cup game here next year and that our Region will be firmly on their pre season calendar for future visits is testimony to the success of this exercise.

There are too many people to thank individually for their contribution to this visit from the players and coaches involved, the thousands of our children, all the volunteers and individuals and clubs and sponsors that helped out to the fantastic
efforts of out Administration staff all I can say is a “heartfelt” thank you, you have made me so proud to be a part of our Football Family!

Last month I had the pleasure and great experience of attending the National Sporting and Football conference in Melbourne along with fellow director David Lee and our General Manager Bruce Potter and community Football staff member Justin

We collectively learnt many things during the two days and the best news for us was that despite still having a long way to go to achieve all our vision and aspirations for our brand of Football here on the Mid North Coast we are clearly following the
pathway of best practice and current philosophy in the administration and promotion and development of our game.

The community benefits of sport in general and applies completely to our code is the overall picture of improved health, social interaction, building relationships, multi cultural integration, tackling obesity and improving mental health and
inclusiveness for all levels of ability and gender equality.

The other interesting and earth shattering statistics that came out of the conference was that over the last 15 years in Australia the registration/participation figures for Rugby league are down 34%, Rugby Union down 64% while our game has grown
exponentially by a massive and incredible 45% with Female participation now up to 21% and showing no signs of anything but a future upward trend.

I can’t wait to tell you all more about our plans to be the first in Australia to provide the concept of “Walking Football” to our region. This is a recently introduced version of our game to improve and enhance the lives and mobility of those that
perhaps are not as physically able to engage in high performance sports any longer but are looking for alternatives to stay fit and active. These additional members of our Football community may well become potential club volunteers and valuable resource for our Football Family.

As the competitions begin to wind down and enter the last few rounds and the finals series I look forward to sharing both the excitement and drama that our game can deliver for those involved.

Our Women’s Premier League teams all competed in their respective semi final series and the Under 16’s at the time of writing will be playing in the Grand Final. Our Under 16’s NPL youth side will also be competing in their semi finals and by the time you all have read this report hopefully would have come out winners.

Regardless this has been another great year for our Representative teams and all the Skills Acquisition Program (SAP) junior players.

To all the mums and dads, boys and girls, Men and Women that are actively involved in our sport a massive thank you and congratulations on what has been and continues to be a great season 2017 with minimal disruption and well supported by all involved.

It would be remiss of me to not mention the passing of “Mr Football” Les Murray who in no small part brought our game from the back blocks of ethnicity to the number 1 participant sport in Australia. Vale Les and thanks for the memories.

A reminder to all clubs to save the date… September 30th

Don’t forget to put in your diary as we hold our first ever Gala End of Season Dinner and Awards night for all clubs in the entire Zone.

Please make sure you avoid holding any of your own clubs presentations or events on that evening so that all clubs can be represented.

So much positive news and a proud and great time to be involved in Football.

Lots more to be done and always room for improvement and innovative ways to move forward and give you our stakeholders and followers the best experience we can deliver but I am confident we are on the right path and with your support we will continue to make improvements and adjustments to our operations as we stride forward.

Best wishes around the grounds and beyond,





Mike Parsons
Chairman Football Mid North Coast