Referee Headquarters



FMNC Executive Referees
FMNC Referee Coach: Ossie Bellamy
Referee Development Officer: Glen Bowman (Manning/Great Lakes Area)
Referee Appointments Officer: Dave Cramp (Manning/Great Lakes Area)
Referee Assistant Coach: Rodney Dobson (Hastings/Macleay Area)
Referee Development Officer: Barry Nelis (Hastings/Macleay Area)
Referee Assistant Coach: Dave Stewart (Manning/Great Lakes Area)
Referee Appointments Officer: Craig White (Hastings/Macleay Area)

FMNC Technical Director: Larry Budgen
NNSWF Official Development: Brad Carlin
NNSWF Official Development: Ross Hicks
FMNC Development Officer: Justin McIntyre (Macca)
FMNC Referees Payments: Amanda Short
FMNC General Manager: Bruce Potter

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2018 FMNC Competition Rules
2018 FMNC Competition Fixtures
2018 High Performance Fixtures
2018 Competition Calendar (updated 30th March 2018)
FMNC Clubs
FMNC Playing Times & Ball Sizes

Finals Series Procedures

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Reports & Information
FMNC Send Off Report
FMNC Conduct Report
Guidelines for Compiling Reports
Report Writing
Abandoned Matches
Incidents of Assault


Assessments & Coaching
Referee Assessors Report
Assistant Referee Assessors Report
Referee ‘on the run’ Assessments

Officials Code of Fair Play
Players Code of Fair Play
Parents Code of Fair Play
Coaches Code of Fair Play
Spectators Code of Fair Play
Teachers Code of Fair Play
Administrators Code of Fair Play
Media Code of Fair Play

MatchRef is a fully automated management and appointment system that FMNC use. Referees need to be set up in MatchRef to gain/accept appointments for matches and also to be able to input their unavailability.

FMNC Referees MatchRef  click to access MatchRef for Football Mid North Coast Referees.

MatchRef Help Guide – (to be uploaded when MatchRef Updates)

More information about MatchRef can be found here – MatchRef

All referee payments for games: U12-U18, Ladies, Men’s, O35’s, Premier League, High Performance (SAP/WPL/NPL) are processed and electronically transferred into referee’s individual nominated bank accounts.

> Bank Details Form – All referees are to complete the banking details form and return via email to Amanda Short.

All referees also need to complete and return to FMNC:

ATO “Statement by a Supplier”
Statement as to Hobby Income

* Both these statements are valid for 5 years, if you have previously submitted, FMNC will have these on file. Please notify FMNC if your circumstances and/or details change.

> Match Official Fees – 2018 Match Official Fees can be found here.

> Travel Claim Form – All referees are to complete this form and return to FMNC. Email Amanda Short for claiming travel. (link to be added)

The following information includes links to the registration page for each course.

FMNC is covering part of the fees for each participant. Some courses may still require a payment upon sign up which covers other course costs for things the participant will keep like book, whistle, referee shirt (supplied once registered to referee with FMNC).


It is important to recognise that this course does not provide any official accreditation from FFA. To receive this you must also complete the Level 4 course with details found in the section above.

Online Laws of the Game – Welcome to Football Federation Australia’s (FFA’s) online Laws of the Game.

This educational tool, gives you interactive access to the Laws of the Game including videos, workbooks, exams, procedures, interpretations, additional information and details on how to become an officially accredited referee.

Browse through the Laws of the Game immediately or register for a FREE account if you wish to complete the interactive workbook and receive your Laws of the Game Certificate.

This is a FREE online training module which provides a basic introduction to the Laws of the Game and their interpretations. Successful candidates will receive a certificate identifying they have demonstrated awareness in the Laws of the Game, and have the necessary knowledge to attend the Level 4 Referee course.

2018 Referee Information Handbook (to be uploaded when finished) – All referees are required to have this handbook and will receive it upon registration for the 2018 season. Please ensure you read through it as there is plenty of important information that all match officials require.

It is a requirement of NNSWF that ALL match officials are wearing ‘Umbro’ uniforms.

From June 2017, FMNC began using the online services of Refsworld for our Referee Clothing and equipment. Goods are competitively priced and delivered to your door in a much quicker time frame than our previous suppliers could manage.

Refsworld Online Ordering – Click to order uniform/equipment (will need to create an account).
Note: UMBRO shirt sizes are small – order at least one size up.

Use the following Code for a 10% Discount on all orders – FMNC2619

NEW REFEREES – FMNC will provide a free black referee shirt to all new referees who complete accreditation and then register in My Football Club for the 2018 season. Email Amanda Short to arrange delivery.

To become a FMNC match official for 2018, you will need to register online. Instructions on how to do so are below. Only match officials who hold a current accreditation level or are in the process of obtaining accreditation via a FMNC Referee course will be accepted.

Click Here to Register Online

Select the appropriate option:
• Proceed to login pages (if you have played before and have a FFA Number)
• Find your FFA Number (if you cannot remember your FFA Number)
• Create an FFA account (if you have never played/officiated before)

Start your registration:
• Once logged in, select “Register”
• Update all contact details as this is how you will be contacted
• Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen
• Step 1. Enter “Football Mid North Coast Referees”
• Step 2. Select the Registration role as: “Referee”
• Step 3. Select the correct Registration Package that applies
• Step 4. Click “Add Packages”
• Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen
• Read and acknowledge Terms and Conditions by ticking the box, then click “Next”
• Select “Pay Online” on the payment page
• Answer the questions on the final page and click the “Save All Answers” button

All FMNC Referees who use Facebook are encouraged to ‘request to join’ the closed FMNC Referees Facebook Group.

This group can only be accessed by FMNC Referees, and parents of younger match officials. It will not be used as a main source of information for match officials but will be utilised as an extra tool for getting relevant information out to everyone when required.

It will also be a place where Referees from within our zone can interact, seek assistance, organise events or travel to match venues etc.

Social Media Sites
Match Officials using social media sites (especially Facebook and Twitter) need to be conscious of the dangers and ramifications of acting inappropriately online.

It is very important for all individuals to remember –

Hastings Macleay Referees Association
Fred Batts
Eric Hamlyn
Doug Thomas
Yalcin Toker 2013

Manning District Referees Association
Wayne Bamde
Warren Blanch
Mal Brown (Deceased)
Dave Cramp
Phil Darcy (Deceased)
Brian Gibson
Frank Hammond (Deceased)
Bill Payne
Ab Pugh (Deceased)
Bill Pye (Deceased)
Clyde Schubert (Deceased)
Ian Towle
Tony Visser

As part of the FMNC policies and procedures, any referee over the age of 18 must obtain a Working with Children Check as a Volunteer. To register for a WWCC is free and doesn’t take long to apply online.

To register, click here – Working with Children Check (select ‘Apply For Your Check’ and then fill in all the details as required. Ensure you have ‘Volunteer’ selected).

Once you have had your application verified at Services NSW – please advise us of your Application Number so that we can verify your status. Email your Application Number or Check Number to Justin McIntyre (Macca).

Online Nomination Form – Nominations can be submitted by completing the form at the bottom of this link.

Northern NSW Football is pleased to announce the introduction of the Newcastle Permanent Community Referee Recognition Program in 2017.

Referees make a significant contribution to our game and we should recognise them for their valuable contribution through stepping onto the field to control the game and creating a positive experience for players, coaches and spectators as a result!

Every month, NNSWF in conjunction with its seven Member Zones will select one (1) registered Referee from each Zone to be awarded “Newcastle Permanent Community Referee of the Month”.

Each winner will be awarded a certificate recognising their achievement, along with a jacket, cap, water bottle and a referee card set. Their contribution to football will also be recognised on the NNSWF website network and social media platforms.

From the pool of monthly winners, a “Newcastle Permanent Community Referee of the Year” for each Zone will be recognised.

This final pool of Zone winners will be assessed and one will be awarded the “Newcastle Permanent Community Referee of the Year” announced at NNSWF’s annual awards night. This winner will receive an award plus a $250 First Touch Gift Voucher!

All member clubs, fellow referees and players will be able to nominate referees via the link below and provide their details and a brief description of their contribution to football.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct, is to provide individuals with an indication of the standards expected of them ALWAYS (whether you are officiating on a match or otherwise).


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