Wet Weather Information

All FMNC clubs use ‘teamapp’ for ground information.

Please click on the following link to view latest ground closures / info etc:


For the latest forecasts, please click here

FMNC High Performance Wet Weather Information  – NPL, WPL, 12yrs Metro link: http://www.northernnswfootball.com.au/index.php?id=653

It’s raining! Are the games on?

What do I do? Who do I contact?

Please note: Rain does not automatically mean games are off.
It is the state of the ground that determines whether matches proceed.

Referees have final say on the closure of a ground after a visual inspection prior to a match. They may also call off a match if conditions deteriorate during a fixture.


What to do: For Parents/Players

1) If games are OFF then the FMNC Ground Closure page will be updated accordingly, advising the details.

Only fields that are CLOSED will be mentioned on the website

If fields aren’t mentioned then games are ON at those fields

2) Listen to these radio stations:

StarFM 102.3   2MCFM 100.7   2GLA 101.5   MAXFM 107.3   2RE 100.3
Friday evening: 2MCFM: Can only promote ground closures up until 4pm (Fri)
– after this time no announcements can be made. Local broadcast ceases.

Saturday morning: 2MCFM:
7.45 to 7.55am – “Boots, Balls and All”

Saturday morning: StarFM
6.45, 7.45 and 8.45am – local sport segment

3) Contact your club coach/manager/secretary.



Procedure for Clubs: 

For wet weather cancellations at your ground during the season, please use the FMNC News and Wet Weather App


or email your advice to: fmncwetweather@hotmail.com

NB: please add ‘(Your club name) ground unavailable’

This email is for club use only. General enquiries will not be answered.

– For Tuesday fixtures by 3.30pm
– For Friday fixtures by 3.30pm
– For Saturday morning fixtures by 7.00am

Deferment: See FMNC Competition Rules

Cancellation: See FMNC Competition Rules

Northern and Southern competitions:
The following wet weather replay system will be used within the zone.
Where a round is partially washed out (under 80% of fixtures), games must be played within
twenty one (21) days. The replay dates will be determined after taking into account ground
availability and, where required, lighting.
Generally, the following applies: Postponed Friday night matches are to be rescheduled to a
Tuesday night, Saturday fixtures are to be rescheduled to a Wednesday night or Sunday
while o35s are to be rescheduled in consultation between the respective club secretaries.
Venue & time to be organised by both Club Secretaries. Where possible original venue to
remain unless changed by Competition Administrator.
There is no catch up games for non – competitive ages.
Where more than 80% of matches are washed out in a competition, that round will be
considered a cancelled fixture and will not be replayed.
As per the Competition Rules V8.1, the wash out rule does not apply to Premier League matches.


Other considerations:
If a team is required to play a catch up fixture on a Sunday and has three or more players involved
in high performance fixtures they will have their catch up game rescheduled to another time by the Competition Administrator and in consultation with the respective club secretaries.