FMNC Chairman’s Reports


February 2022

To our Football Family,

I write to you all to announce that I plan to stand down and not recontest the Chairmanship of Football Mid North Coast for another term.

It has been one of the great honours and privileges of my sporting involvement to have both been a board member for 15 years and the past 7 as your chairman.

We have achieved a great deal over the term of my involvement and in no small part assisted by the quality and dedication of our employed administration staff headed by our General Manager Bruce Potter.

My fellow board members of whom there have been a number over those years have all made significant contributions and I thank them for their passion for our sport and involvement over their various and current terms.

Most importantly it is the players, officials and volunteers that make ours the number one team sport not only nationally and globally but also locally.

To those dedicated volunteers that contribute selflessly each year to allow our boys and girls and men and women to be able to play the game that we proudly call “the world game”. Not only are they actively encouraging and promoting valuable exercise time but also provide a social network and life lessons in teamwork, co-operation and inclusiveness at all levels.

I have seen many changes and improvements over the years, and it has been rewarding to be involved in so many of those projects and reforms.

Whilst there is always more to do I feel that there is a time when one should stand down and allow others to continue and foster the legacy left behind and bring about a fresh outlook and the spirit of continuation and growth.

The stadium at Sovereign Hills will, when built, be one of my most treasured projects and fulfilling the dream of having a first-class facility for the future of our sport at all levels.

Close collaboration with all levels of Government in particular the Port Macquarie Hastings Council, those closely involved project managing from our end especially Mark Pilgrim and Bruce Potter as well as countless other support persons have made this project more than a “pipe dream” of mine but an eventual reality.

I look forward to the day we play our first matches on this spectacular piece of infrastructure as it continues to move forward from the planning stage.

Other highlights include having been awarded “Life Membership” of Football Mid North Coast and presented with the “Bill Turner” award for services to Football by Northern NSW Football in 2019.

The last 2 years have been trying, to say the least, with the restrictions and uncertainty that Covid-19 and ever-changing health orders have brought to all our community in particular the disruption and challenges of providing Football for our stakeholders and supporters.

My hope is that we have turned the corner and look forward to a renewed and reinvigorated season ahead.

As we move forward let me commend especially the programs such as the “Rainbow warriors” and walking Football and other similar programs that allow players to participate at all levels from all cultures and abilities and continue the theme of inclusiveness.

Never forget that despite the elite pathways and representative aspirations, professional careers and national team selection…. our game is primarily about “Saturday Park Football” for thousands and thousands of willing players that simply love the game and playing with their mates.

I do plan however to stay on the board for the balance of my tenure, at this stage, and hopefully be able to assist the transition of a new Chairperson and help in any way I can.

Once again thank you all for your encouragement and support over the term of my Chairmanship and I look forward to playing my role and supporting our organisation moving forward.

Best wishes to all…

Mike Parsons
Chairman Football Mid North Coast

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