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March 26th, 2020

Welcome to the Football Mid North Coast Home Training Program (HTP).

The HTP is designed so all players can continue football practice by themselves in their own home. When organised football activities resume you can still continue with the home training program as additional football work. Hope you enjoy.

Larry Budgen
FMNC Technical Director

Download the FMNC Home Training Program – Individual Training Guide

Thank you to Northern NSW Football for the below training videos which can be found on the NNSWF Coach Headquarters.


Football Skills are designed to help players improve their technique, with a number of skill tutorial videos providing excellent tips and hints.

These football skills are demonstrated by Newcastle Jets Hyundai A-League, Westfield W-League and Emerging Jets players, allowing players to watch the videos and practice their skills it at home.

Players can work on their core skills such as running with the ball, first touch, striking the ball and 1v1 moves, as well as improving their ball control by learning how to juggle and do tricks.


Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3, Exercise 4, Exercise 5, Exercise 6


Beginner Juggling – Kick and Catch, Kick and Bounce

Intermediate Juggling – Back Spin, Step Over, Head Juggling


Rainbow Flick, Step Over Flick, ATW (Around The World – Stall), ATW (Around The World – Juggling)


1 V 1 – Feint, Scissors, Double Scissors

Touch/Passing/Running – Short Passing and First Touch, Dribbling Through Cones


1. Beginning – The purpose of The Beginning (better known as the warm-up) is to introduce the skill focus of the session, get kids in the right frame of mind for the upcoming practices and activate their bodies. It’s unnecessary to run laps around the field to achieve a warm up.

2. Middle – The Middle practice builds on the Beginning practice by adding progression which now becomes more challenging. Lots of repetition in game realistic scenarios (running with the ball under pressure) Task based coaching.

3. End – The last part of the session is allocated for playing various small-sided games organised in a way that the designated core skill is used regularly.
The players play, the coach observes if learning has taken place.

1 V 1 – Beginning, Middle, End

First Touch – Beginning, Middle, End

Running With The Ball – Beginning, Middle, End

Striking The Ball – Beginning, Middle, End


A fun way to practice skills. Everyone should observe all restrictions in place with regards to the Covid-19 situation.

10 Ball Challenge
Line up 10 footballs on the edge of the penalty area, the first ball is a different colour. Attempt to get all of the footballs over the goal-line before the first one crosses. If the first ball does not cross the line no points are awarded.  Each players has two attempts with the total score added over two rounds.

Three ball volley challenge
Start from the goal line and pass a ball out to the edge of the penalty area, once the ball crosses the line, flick it up and volley into the back of the net on the full to score a point.

The ball must cross the 18 yard line to make an attempt, and hit the back of the net on the full to score a point.

Each player gets 3 attempts each.

Juggling in pairs
Start juggling with a friend and see how long you can keep the ball in the air between the two of you. Once you have mastered juggling in pairs, it’s time to take the two touch challenge.

Two touch challenge
Play juggling in pairs but with a limit of two touches for each player. If the other player makes a mistake, you receive a point. Play the first to 5 points wins.

Head juggling in pairs
With a friend, count how many times you can head the ball to each other. Try and beat your record, start with 5, if you can get to 10 or even 20 you are on your way to mastering this challenge.

How many juggles can you do? Keep counting and beat your record!
Keep the ball low and use the top of your toes for improved ball control.


This series of short videos aims to assist community coaches to plan and implement safe, fun and age appropriate coaching sessions for their players. Each session will focus on one of the four functional game skills of running with the ball, striking the ball, first touch and 1 v 1,  with each Newcastle Permanent Skill of the Week video being broken down into 3 key areas: 1. Beginning Part, 2. Middle Part, 3. End Game.

Click here to view more skill of the week videos


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