State SAP Championships Squads Announced

May 1st, 2019


Football Mid North Coast is pleased to announce its Boys Under 11 and Under 12 squads to compete at the Northern NSW Football Telstra Boys State SAP Championships to be held on 8th, 9th, 10th of June at the Coffs International Stadium.

FMNC thanks all its SAP players and families that put many hours into being part of the Skill Acquisition Program.

Coaches will be in contact regarding training venue and times. Training will begin the week commencing Monday May 6th. All SAP players will still be training during the pre State SAP Championships preparations.

* The U11 squad named will attend the NNSWF SAP Metro Day at Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility on Sunday May the 12th and will play as FMNC NORTH on the draw.

* The following players will play as U11 FMNC SOUTH at the NNSWF SAP Metro Day on 12th May.

U11 FMNC South for Metro Day – Flynn Alexopoulos, Wil Arandale, Maxim Ceccato, Julian Jackson, Zac Lovett, Ben Matuszny, Jamie Merrick, Noah Rodger, Koby Salt, Ajay Sen Gupta, Jayden Swain, Ben Wallace, Mitchell Wolfenden.

The Telstra Boys and Girls State SAP Championships are major events for both the players and coaching staff involved throughout the Northern NSW Football.

Many hours of preparation go into this event from a large group of volunteers  and is in many instances  the first significant opportunity for players from all across Northern NSW to test their playing skills against players of a similar calibre from all Zones in Northern NSW.

Whilst there will always be winners and losers in tournament competitions and this is part of the development of our young players , for the Technical Department of Northern NSW Football we are much more concerned on how the teams play and how the players respond to the overall result.

To quote from the FFA Skill Acquisition rationale;

“In Australia there is too strong an emphasis on results at too young an age.

Therefore generally the biggest, strongest and fastest kids are being identified instead of the most talented ones.

Although winning is the purpose of a game of football, the manner and importance differs per age group.

At the younger ages, youth development should focus on teaching children the skills to win a game of football ‘the proper way’

At the world’s top level the most skilful players decide the games, not the biggest, strongest and fittest!”

Northern NSW Football have a technical group present at the State Championships and one of the major roles is to assess teams, both players and coaches on the key components of the FFA National Curriculum .

This includes;

v Execution of the system of play (is 1-4-3-3 being played properly?)
v Execution of the team tasks in possession of the ball (playing out & attacking)
v Execution of the team tasks when the opponent is in possession of the ball (defending)
v Execution of the team tasks during transition of possession (BP-BPO & BPOBP)
v Team conduct/behaviour (discipline, fair play, etc.)
v Game coaching (tactical interventions; substitutions; relevance of coach remarks; half time instruction; etc.)
v Did the team improve during the tournament?

The Championships also serve as a major identification for upcoming programs such as;

• Country Under 13 (following year) State Team
• Metro Under  13 (following year) State Team
• Zone and Development  teams and programs

When selecting players the Technical group, we will be basing our selections on the ability of the players to demonstrate their technical abilities during a game in the following football aspects;

Ø  Running with the ball
Ø  Striking the ball
Ø  First touch
Ø  1 v 1 
Ø  Ability to play with both feet
Ø  Agility , balance and coordination 
Ø  Game understanding and cleverness
Ø  Ability to Learn and be coachable
Ø  Eagerness and perseverance

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